Customized Solutions

Immerse yourself in a world of dynamics and precision.

As a competent, experienced and professional partner it is our job to meet the individual needs of your application and the high demands on dynamics, precision, efficiency and reliability.

As leading innovation specialist for complex linear motor systems we design and implement complete standard and customer specific solutions with linear and rotary direct drives, as well as with the extensive range of conventional drive technology – for and together with you.

With our control electronics you can customize the perfect solution for virtually unlimited application possibilities. Take the lead – with innovation & passion.

Here you find a limited summary of our references:

In order to be able to deal with special applications of customers, which the standard program does not cover optimally co-ordinated special solutions were sketched. These projects are realizable within a short time in close co-operation with the customer, from the prototype to the series production.

In order to find as cost-efficient solutions as possible the design department turns back to the extensive modular assembly system of the standard solutions. Thereby short delivery times and flexible quantities from the single copy to mass production of special solutions can by realized.

One of the reasons our customers appreciate the cooperation with KML is our innovative strength, which is illustrated by the high number of new development projects. These are usually subject to very strict NDAs. For this reason you will find only a limited selection of already built examples below:

Single Axis Linear Motor System

Feed axis in laser cutting machines with the highest demands on dynamics, synchronization characteristics and accuracies.


High Performance Linear Motor System

Customized linear motor system for high-dynamic laser cutting machine with compact dimensions and highest dynamics.


Linear Motor System for optical test facility

Linear motor system for usage in CD-/DVD-handling of a technology provider in the entertainment and information technology sector to enhance the throughput-rate.


XY-cross table for laser cutting system

Cross table for an application where laser cuttings from ceramic plates are manufactured - with high requirements regarding compact design, high dynamics and high repeatability.


High Precision Cross Table

Linear motor system as feed axis in a glass carving application of an Austrian length-measuring-system manufacturer with highest guidance and system positioning accuracy.


Double Linear Motor System on Granite Base

Linear motor system with two parallel axes for a worldwide acting packaging manufacturer maintenance-free and with highest rigidity.


XYZ-Linear Motor System for Die-Bonding

Customized linear motor system for maximum complex Pick and Place tasks with movements in three axes with high dynamics and repeatability within nanometer range.


Low Cost Cross Table System

Cross table system for wafer processing with a very rigid and compact design as well as a cantilever wafer carrier within space-critical conditions.


Low cost PCB-Board Handling System

Back-end system for PCB handling over long spans for large-scale production in the electronics manufacturing


High Performance Turning & Lifting Unit

Two axis system with modular structure and universal mounting interface for a turning and lifting movement used in wet-chemical machining processes.


Short-stroke Linear Motor System

System used as vertical axis in a PCB drilling machine with highest demands on dynamics, accuracies and resistance to temperature.


High Speed Linear Motor System

Z-axis in a semiconductor manufacturing machine for pick and place tasks to realize excellent productivity and process security.


Long stroke Precision Portal

In steel bridge integrated linear motor system with two parallel sliders for glass plate machining.