Customized solutions

Low Cost cross table system


  • Short cycle times
  • No vibrations
  • High repeatability and system accuracies
  • Clean room suitable assembly

Low Cost cross table system

Cross table system for wafer processing with a very rigid and compact design as well as a cantilever wafer carrier within space-critical conditions. Further requirements were:

  • Shortest cycle time rates with high dynamics
  • No vibration input into the machine structure
  • High repeatability and system accuracies
  • Parallelism, flatness and angularity of the tables max. 0.02 mm
  • Entire assembly in cleanroom-suitable design
  • Function and quality assurance by suppliers

The specified performance data has been successfully implemented with the following technical measures:

  • Rigidity and accuracy by using stainless steel precision miniature linearways
  • Precisely and easy-running ballscrew
  • Highly dynamic electric drive
  • Manipulations on the workpiece by compressed air and evacuated systems
  • All movements supervised by contactless sensor technology
  • Bearings, ballscrew and linearways lubricated with appropriate clean room grease
  • 100 % function control as well as examination of compressed air-, vacuum and sensor technology systems by application identically sequencing program (quantities up to 400/year)
  • Tests including measuring protocol for flatness, parallelism and angularity