Customized solutions

Low Cost PCB-board handling system


  • PCB transport over long ways
  • Open construction
  • High rigidity
  • No vibrations

Low Cost PCB-board handling system

System for PCB handling over large spans from the back-end of electronics manufacturing for large-scale production with the following specifications:

  • Open construction for access of different systems
  • High rigidity, vibrations forbidden
  • Fully automatic width adjustment for different plate sizes
  • High accuracies of linear races to avoid blocking of plates during transport
  • Abrasion-free contact surfaces
  • Increased system accuracy for parallel assemblies
  • Clean room suitable
  • Function and quality assurance

Using FEM analysis static and dynamic component optimization was achieved and the tasks implemented as follows:

  • Base/bridge construction with cast composite parts
  • Self-supporting, highly rigid and preloaded linearways
  • Abrasion-resistant linearways with special surface coating
  • Automatic width adjustment over linear positioning tables with integrated ballscrew and directly mounted stepper motor drive
  • Various manipulators for the plate operated by compressed air and evacuated systems
  • All movements and positions supervised by contactless sensor technology
  • Supervising control and monitoring of all functions through CAN bus
  • Bearings, ballscrew and linearways lubricated with appropriate clean room grease
  • 100 % examined precision assembly including optimization of parallelism and angularity
  • Function control, examination of compressed air-, vacuum and sensor technology system by application identically sequencing program with 100% of all assemblies simulated and tested
  • Test protocol attached at each delivery