Linear Motion components

Linear modules with omega drive


  • compact dimensions
  • high speeds
  • high accuracies and repeatabilities

Linear modules with omega drive

Linear modules with omega drive have an all-round tooth belt drive and integrated linear ways. The tooth belt itself runs through the whole module and is redirected through tooth pulleys. Due to the compact dimensions high speeds and high positioning accuracies and repeatabilities are possible; especially at vertical linear motion with moving base profile and stagnant slide/motor. This product line is especially predestined for cantilever axes. The PU belt protects all internal parts against dust and other contamination from the environment. The drive block with motor flange and standardized central lubrication enables an easy maintenance and offers the possibility of mounting different customer specified motor types.

Several slides on one axis are also standardized possible due to the innovative construction. These linear units can also be easily combined to multiple axes systems. Motors from different producers can be mounted standardized without any additional fee.

An impressive price-performance ratio as well as short delivery times can be guaranteed.

Technical data:

3 different sizes
[mm] ± 0.08
Max. speed [m/s] 6.00
Max. load capacity
[kN] 31.20


  • Several covered sliders/axes
  • Standardized mounting elements
  • Customized motors