Linear Motion Components


  • Modular design
  • Ballscrew or tooth belt drive
  • Flexible motor construction
  • Cover selectable
  • Customized solution on request


LineTech linearmodules are ready to be installed linear positioning systems with different drive types. The modules are built from extruded aluminium base plate profiles, linear ways with two casings (LM3 - LM5) or roller ways with three or alternative six rollers (RM3 - RM4).

Preferred drives are ballscrews or toothed belts. With small axial load also high helix acme screws can be assembled. The guiding system as well as the drive components are protected from external effects such as contamination, splinters etc. due to a steel band (LM3 - LM5) or by the circulating toothed belt.

The base plate profile and slide consist of a colour less anodized aluminium alloy and are manufactured in extrusion moulding process. Inductive proximity switches additionally outside mounted provide together with servo or stepper motors the control for the correct positioning and protect against an overflow of the slide unit.

Max. load:
up to 170 kN

Dimension (W x H):

65 x 85 (LM3)
80 x 100 (LM4)
110 x 129 (LM5)

Stroke length:

up to 7650 mm (beyond on request)


up to 50 m/s²


5 m/s


  • compact design
  • three different linear drives (ballscrews, high helix acme screws, tooth belts) available
  • high dynamics possible
  • end and reference point sensors optionally available
  • optional stainless steel band covered units or version driven by roller screws or toothed belts available
  • with gearshift and intermediate flange, installed speed reduction gear and/or transmission gear and drive motors optionally available
  • groove keys for the attachment of extention and accessories parts at the slide unit and baseplate profile