Linear Motion Components

Servo Drives

  • Numerous  performance levels
  • Various fieldbus interfaces (CAN Bus, ProfiNet, EtherNet, EtherCAT,…)
  • Outputs up to 70 KW
  • LE- & UL

Servo Drives

Servo drives of the SERVOSTAR series contain the experience of many years of the development- and application-engineers with digital servo technique and field bus systems. These servo drives supply maximum performance on smallest space and for minimized costs.

The systems offer the following technical highlights:

  • 8-9 performance levels / type from 1.5 to 70 A
  • 5 sizes - one design
  • suitable up to 20 A for 300 mm of switchgear cabinets, starting from 40 A for 400 mm of switchboards
  • selectable resolver and encoder feedback for the standard device
  • all filters integrated fulfilling all CE and UL standard
  • Current control, Position control, CANopen interface, electronic gearing etc for the standard device
  • LED display and keyboard in the front plate for the most important functions and for the parameter setting
  • slot for interface card (safety expansion card with SIL2 & SIL3 functions, PROFI-Bus, SERCOS, SynqNet, Firewire 1394, I/O - extension, DeviceNet, CANopen)
  • selectable encoder emulation compatible to ROD426 (dez./bin) or SSI (Gray/bin)

Bus voltage:
from 155 VDC up to 675 VDC

Peak output:

from 12 kW up to 70 kW

Peak current:

from 3 A up to 140 A


  • all CE and UL standards
  • connectivity to all earth connected industrial networks world-wide
  • unrestricted implementation and communication by open hard and software architecture
  • free programmability for individual tasks of drive
  • safety expansion card with SIL2 & SIL3 functions like SLS, STO, SS1, SS2, etc.
  • system integration via CANopen, PROFI-Bus DP, SERCOS, SynqNet, Fire Wire or I/O extension
  • 2-button-control and LED display with 3 digits in the front plate
  • WindowsTM operating system with oscilloscope function
  • feedback by resolver, sine-cosine encoder or absolute positioning encoder with high resolution
  • very fast cycle time of the current automatic controller of 62 µs
  • patents circuit for the distribution of the ballast performance
  • DC-Bus connectable in parallel
  • operation of all servo motor types like rotary motors, linear motors, direct drives etc.