Further increase in manufacturing flexibility

In addition to the mid-term process expansion strategy, the KML Group is investing in its internal machinery with a clear focus on increasing efficiency and flexibility. To extend the technological lead, a CNC lathe with tool turret for driven tools from CMZ is integrated into the production process.


The required product variance from the various industrial sectors is becoming ever broader and more demanding. Especially the automation solutions, internally from the group of companies, demand an increased flexibility in the existing manufacturing processes and production parts.

Therefore, the consequent next step of expansion of the own production possibilities was decided in the company management. Taking into account the internal framework conditions and the market requirements, the necessary key data were defined. A flexible CNC lathe with driven tools was selected as the most suitable solution. The highest attention was paid to precision and process stability. In the course of the evaluation, the TD-35-Y-1350 model from CMZ was selected. Due to its design, this model can achieve high cutting performance with high precision. The model has now been successfully implemented in the production process and is used in multi-shift operation.

The long-term goals of “insourcing”, “shortening throughput times”, “increasing manufacturing flexibility” but above all the technological expansion of the headquarters were the initiators of the machine park expansion. With the expansion of the machine park, the desired integrated drive solutions can be manufactured and produced more efficiently.

As with the previous and further planned investments, in addition to the technological machine characteristics, the optimized and smooth integration into the CAM system established and optimized on the KML side is a basic requirement. CMZ meets these requirements with the FANUC control system. This also takes care of the company’s internal usability requirements and ensures smooth integration of the steadily growing workforce. This is also fundamentally necessary for further expansion.

Both customers and KML itself benefit from this investment and are thus well equipped for the future.

Our experts in work preparation and production management look forward to hearing from you.