Rack and pinion drive
Dynamic module DM / ZS
  • High torsional stiffness
  • Free stroke range
  • High feed forces
General info
Areas of application
Technical data

The dynamic module with rack and pinion design can realise high accuracies with extreme loads at the same time. Several separately movable slides pose no problem for the linear axis thanks to the rack and pinion drive. Due to the special design of the extruded profile, the torsionally stiff base body is also suitable for unsupported applications. The linear axis is constructed with two parallel guides and a toothed rack positioned between them. The rotating components are shielded by metal sheets so that no contamination can enter the machine environment.

The modules are ready-to-install modular linear systems, which can be flexibly configured according to the respective customer requirements. The wide range of options makes it possible to ideally satisfy customer needs. Our dynamic modules can be combined with other series to form multi-axis solutions using the standardised adapter parts.

  • E-mobility
  • Heavy load handling
  • Welding applications
  • Laser processing
  • Robotics
  • Unsupported applications
Type / size DM2 DM3
Profile cross-section [mm] 180 x 148 220 x 180
Max. travel/stroke 3) [mm] 6930 6300
Stroke per revolution [mm] 106 106
Repeat accuracy6) Repeat accuracy6) 0.05 0.05
Static load rating Cy 0 1.2 [kN] 162.5 311.6
Static load rating Cz 0 1 [kN] 162.5 311.6
Static load rating Cz 0 2 Static load rating Cz 0 2 162.5 311.6
Static axial load rating Fx 0 [N] depending on application
Static moment Mx 0 [Nm] 13725 29565
Static moment My 0 [Nm] 15280 52110
Static moment Mz 0 [Nm] [Nm] 52110
Dynamic load rating Cy 1,2 1) [kN] 92.3 165.7
Dynamic load rating Cz 1,2 1) [kN] 92.3 165.7
Dynamic axial load rating Fx 1) [N] depending on application
Dynamic moment Mx 1) [Nm] 7797 15795
Dynamic moment My 1) [Nm] 8680 27675
Dynamic moment Mz 1) [Nm] 8680 27675
Max. traversing speed 2) [m/s] 5.0 5.0
Max. acceleration 2) [m/s2] 10.0 10.0

1) With regard to service life, we recommend loading the units with max. 20% of the dynamic load rating
2) Higher requirements on request
3) Larger strokes possible with composite base profiles
4) Without gear unit backlash

Attention: Specified values are empirically determined and vary depending on the application.
The values are maximum values.