Motion systems Single-axis solutions High speed linear motor system
Single-axis solutions
High speed linear motor system
  • Ultra-dynamic motion
  • Unbeatable positioning accuracy
  • High system rigidity
  • Lowest particle emissions
General info
Areas of application

The high-speed linear motor system has been developed for use as a feed axis in a semiconductor manufacturing machine to achieve superior productivity and process reliability.

In addition to the usual customer requirements such as moving mass, travel ranges, cycle definitions, etc., it was necessary to take additional properties into account. These included for example:

  • Extremely compact design
  • Unbeatable synchronisation quality (cogging)
  • No requirement for maintenance
  • Rapid commissioning
  • Absolute position feedback
  • Cable management for customised cables


The high-speed linear motor system was specially developed for applications with high positioning accuracy. It offers the option of using a customised slide and base plate drilling pattern to meet individual requirements. Furthermore, the system is designed in a clean room-compatible version to enable use in sensitive environments. To facilitate initial commissioning, a parameter set is supplied to enable fast and efficient commissioning.

  • Wafer handling
  • Substrate handling
  • E-mobility
  • Medical technology
  • Laser processing
  • Optical lens handling