Electrical drive components
Linear cylinders
  • Thread rolling screw drives, ball screw drives or trapezoidal screw drives
  • Long service life
  • Feed forces over 220 kN
  • Protection class optionally up to IP 69K
  • Integrated motor technology
  • Optional connection of customer-specific motors
General info
Technical data

Linear lifting cylinders are an important component in many areas of application. At KML we offer servo-electric linear lifting cylinders in various designs to meet the different requirements of our customers, for example, with integrated or externally mounted servo or stepper motor.

The servo-electric linear lifting cylinders of our partners are suitable for simple adjustment tasks as well as for demanding press-fit tasks with precise positioning and force evaluation. This is particularly important for welding guns, press-fit applications, dosing applications, and much more. Our range includes a diverse selection of cylinders that serve as an alternative to pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders and therefore help to electrify your systems and make them even more environmentally friendly.

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the right linear lifting cylinder for your application. We take care of the complete dimensioning and service life calculation to ensure that the cylinder is optimally matched to your needs. Depending on the requirements, we design the actuators with trapezoidal thread spindles (including self-locking), ball screws or technologically outstanding thread roller drives, which offer a 15-fold longer service life than comparable ball screws in the same installation space.

Type / size
Peak feed force [kN] 266.90
Max. speed [m/s] > 1.5
Stroke length [mm] 1500
Accuracy [mm/300 mm] 0.01
Reverse play [mm] 0.03

Attention: Specified values are empirically determined and vary depending on the application. The values are maximum values.