Linear motor drive
LMS E² series
  • Replaces toothed belt and spindle axles
  • Unbeatable dynamics
  • Insensitive measuring system
General info
Areas of application
Technical data

The LMS E² series has been specially developed for applications where conventional drive systems, such as toothed belt or ball screw axes, are to be replaced. The LMS E² series is designed for the highly dynamic motion of small to medium loads. Thanks to the compact and simple design, the linear motor systems are not only cost-effective, but also well suited for very harsh environments. They are also ideal for setting up cross-table and gantry systems (more information can be found under the menu item “Multi-axis system”).

Areas of application are automation technology, packaging industry as well as the automotive sector. Furthermore, the robust design of the LMS E² series makes it ideal for applications in sectors including the printing, textile, food and pharmaceutical industries. Essentially, the LMS E² series is ideal for use in all areas where high dynamics are required together with freedom from maintenance – and where the site of use requires robust mechatronics.

  • High-speed handling
  • Food processing
  • HF test systems
  • Automatic placement systems
  • Test units
  • Transfer systems
Type / size
Stroke [mm] 2000
Continuous feed force [N] 150 – 300
Peak feed force [N] 450 – 900
Max. speed [m/s] 6.00
Max. acceleration [m/s²] 80
Max. customer load [kg] 50 (stroke-dependent)
Resolution [µm] 0.10
Positioning precision [µm] ± 10
Repeat accuracy [µm] ± 50
Planarity [µm] < 15.00
Straightness [µm] < 10.00
Synchronism [%] < 2.00

Attention: Specified values are empirically determined and vary depending on the application.
The values are maximum values.