Linear motor drive
LMS U series
  • Mono-guide principle
  • Ironless drive
  • Cogging-free synchronous operation
General info
Areas of application
Technical data

The compact design of the LMS U series facilitates its use in space-critical applications – thanks to the space-saving mono-guide principle.
Small to medium loads are positioned with the highest dynamics. The primary section is designed without an iron core, which ensures a very high degree of efficiency and enables cogging-free synchronous operation. Multi-slide applications are possible as standard, as with all other linear motor system families.

  • Precision applications
  • AOI applications
  • High-speed automatic placement systems
  • High-speed handling
  • Flying shears
Type / size
Stroke [mm] 3000
Continuous feed force [N] 29 – 116
Peak feed force [N] 100 – 400
Max. speed [m/s] 10
Max. acceleration [m/s²] 120
Max. customer load [kg] 20
Resolution [µm] 0.05
Positioning precision [µm] ± 1.50
Repeat accuracy [µm] ± 1.00
Planarity [µm] < 5.00
Straightness [µm] < 8.00
Synchronism [%] < 0.60

Attention: Specified values are empirically determined and vary depending on the application.
The values are maximum values.