Mechanical drive components
Rail guides
  • Rail widths from 1 to 100 mm
  • High repetition accuracy
  • Clean room version on request
  • Lifetime lubrication (“C-Lube”)
General info
Technical data

Linear rail guides are high-precision guide elements consisting of a carriage and guide rail. The rolling elements (balls or rollers), the deflections and returns of the rolling elements, the cages and seals are arranged in the carriage. Stainless, coated or conventional carbon steel sizes from 1-100 mm are available.

Two parallel raceways are ground into the guide rail. Optimum power transmission between rail and carriage is achieved via specially arranged balls or rollers.

The right product is available from our wide range of different linear rail guides for almost every application, in almost every industry sector. From cost-efficient linear guide rails to special designs in the ultra-precision class, we can work together with you to realise your requirements.


  • High positioning accuracy
  • Optimum running due to low frictional resistance (even with extremely high loads)
  • Reduction of machine size and energy consumption through the use of smaller components
  • High repetition accuracy
  • High operational reliability due to robust design and insensitivity to dirt
  • Versatile application options thanks to arbitrary installation position and almost unlimited travel paths
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Integrated wipers, special seals and relubrication systems optionally available

Corrosion resistant and clean room version available

Type / size
Rail width [mm] 1.00 – 100
Rail length [mm] > 3900
Dynamic load rating [kN] 647
Static load rating [kN] 1300
Traversing speeds [m/s] 10
Acceleration/deceleration [m/s²] 500
Materials for carriages, rolling elements and rails [1] Carbon steel Corrosion-resistant chrome steel alloys or coatings
Available seals [1] Wipers on both sides of the carriage ends Seals on all sides Wipers and bellows for rails

Attention: The values given are representative for the respective individual series. We shall be happy to support you at any time with detailed information, suitable for your application. Simply get in touch with us directly.