Electrical drive components
Servo controllers
  • Dual-axis controller
  • Functional safety (FS)
  • Different fieldbus interfaces
  • Numerous power levels
  • CE & UL
General info
Technical data

The servo controllers of the AKD and AKD2G series incorporate the many years of experience of the development and application engineers with digital servo technology and fieldbus systems. These servo controllers deliver maximum performance in the smallest space, at very low cost.


  • Satisfies all CE and UL standards
  • Colour display on the front for better visualisation
  • Worldwide connectivity to all earthed industrial networks
  • Unrestricted use and communication through open hardware and software architecture
  • Free programmability for individual drive tasks
  • Safety options such as SLS, STO, SS1, SS2, etc. integrated
  • System integration via EtherCAT® with FSoE, PROFINET® IRT, Ethernet/IP™ and CANopen®
  • Feedback by resolver, high-resolution sine-cosine encoder or high-resolution absolute encoder
  • Very fast cycle time of the current controller of 0.67 µs
  • Operation of all servo motor variants such as rotary motors, linear motors, direct drives and more besides
Type / size
Intermediate circuit voltage [VDC] 140 – 680
Input power [kW] 1.2 – 40.9
Continuous current limit [A] 48
Peak output current (for approx. 5 s, ± 3 %) [Aeff] 96

Attention: The values given are representative for the respective individual models.We shall be happy to support you at any time with detailed information, suitable for your application. Simply get in touch with us directly.