Multi-axis solutions
XYZ systems
  • Efficient use of the working area
  • Inherently rigid designs
  • Optimised mass compensation of the vertical axis
General info
Areas of application

The central requirement of many machine manufacturers in a wide range of industries is a freely accessible working area. This requires an inherently rigid construction of the motion systems. Cantilever systems provide an optimal solution for this, and are able to achieve unbeatable dynamics and accuracies through mass optimisation. With the expertise of KML, XYZ systems can be implemented in the machine topology with optimum use of the installation space. Thanks to the compact design developed by means of FEM, accessibility to the working area remains barrier-free.

With the aid of a wide range of drive technologies, the vertical axes can be equipped with a ball screw or linear motor, depending on the application. XYZ systems from KML are complemented by integrated cable management for efficient integration into the machine.

In addition to the usual customer requirements such as moving mass, travel ranges, cycle definitions, etc., it was necessary to take additional properties into account. These included for example:

  • Optional granite superstructure
  • High line accuracies
  • Implementation of Functional Safety (FS)
  • Maintenance-free operation > 5 years
  • Clamping of the vertical axis
  • Optical test systems
  • Dispensing systems
  • Printed circuit board testing
  • Placement systems
  • Adhesive application
  • Dosing applications