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Motek Logo 26.09.22

KML stellt auf der MOTEK 2022 in Stuttgart aus.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

Due to the general situation caused by the CORONA/COVID-19 virus KML established preventive an intermediate structure to protect all employees.

Most of the colleagues are working out of the Home office. For those positions where it´s impossible to switch to Home office KML implemented arrangements to reduce the personal contacts to the minimum.

Following the proposition “Good health is most important” the KML management tries everything to support the reduction of virus expansion. The result of that is, that due to reduced or not given availability of sub tier goods, also the planned deliveries for our customers and partners will be possibly delayed.

All of us are trying everything to reduce the effect, but it will not be possible to avoid negative effects complete.

Expected regulations of the government will lead to further adaptions in the set measurements, which will be respected completely by KML.

The availability via the cell phones is given. We kindly ask you for your understanding and try to be available for your topics.

For several sales and order processing topics you can contact:
Reinhard Mauerschitz
+43 / 699 1403 99 71

Manuel Weber
+43 / 699 1403 99 72

Tobias Mach
+43 / 699 1403 99 76

For several topics related to purchasing:
Helmut Kutner
+43 / 699 1403 99 73