Return Deliveries


This document is a KML guideline for customers that regulates a smooth and fast process in the event of products being returned to the KML Group.

Furthermore, this document should be used by the customer as a support, checklist and processing form to ensure that all necessary data (green form fields) are made available for KML internal processing of return deliveries.

All the necessary steps and data that must be observed in the case of return deliveries are explained and specified in the course of this brief process

Each return delivery must be announced to KML in advance and must be made in the course of this process.
RA number request via

Important: WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS, contaminated return deliveries must be announced in advance and their delivery must be approved by KML in advance!

Labeling and packaging

  • Each return delivery to KML must be made with an RA # (RA number)
  • Use always the return delivery note created by us for your returns (this contains the RA #).
  • Every return delivery must be decontaminated and free of hazardous substances delivered to KML.
    Contaminated returns will not (without approval by KML) be accepted and returned!
  • Decontaminated return deliveries must be marked as such and delivered with a decontamination report (confirmation of the disposal of hazardous substances and which hazardous substances have been removed)
  • Pack the returned goods appropriately for the product, i.e. safe for transport and damage and, if necessary, for electronic components with ESD packaging materials
  • Each return delivery must be added with shock and overturning sensors on the outermost container.

Transport and delivery

  • KML reserves the right not to accept contaminated returns whose packaging and labeling are insufficient and, if necessary, to send them back at the sender’s expense.
  • Deliver return deliveries free of charge. Non-prepaid return deliveries will not be accepted
  • Returns to the KML Group are to be sent (depending on the contractual partner) to the following delivery addresses:

KML Linear Motion Technology GmbH
Daumegasse 1- 3
A-1100 Wien

KML Precision Machining
Daumegasse 1-3
A-1100 Wien


We ask you to adhere to this procedure and to apply it to every return delivery so that we can quickly process and complete your return delivery. Failure to comply to this procedure can result in considerable delays and possibly non-pro-cessing (on hold) or the complete return of your returned goods.

These information and notes in no way replace the terms and conditions of the KML Group but are only intended to clarify the special importance of return deliveries and the additional requirements!
If you have any questions about this process or the return of products, please contact us by phone +43 1 641 50 30-0 or via

Thank you in advance for your understanding and taking note!

Your service and repair team from KML!