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Dust & chips? – KML linear motor systems resist environmental influences with tidy price

Linear motor axis with complete encapsulation extends the product portfolio

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In order to support their customers even better, KML Linear Motion Technology presents the latest development in the segment of cost-efficient linear motor systems. Not only are they insensitive to negative environmental influences, they also persuade with an unbeatable price.

Because of their sensitivity, linear motor systems need cleanroom conditions to be able to guarantee an ongoing smooth operation – KML Linear Motion Technology explodes this myth for already several years now! This successful course now continues especially in the segment of reasonably priced standard systems.

The market demands for robust and insensitive linear motor systems which also perform well in tough environments have soared. KML follows this secular trend with its development of the cost-effective system series.

Product innovation – linear motor system with encapsulation

The linear technology’s latest product innovations are standardized linear motor systems with a complete encapsulation. All exposed components of the robust systems are permanently protected from negative environmental influences. That means neither dust, nor lubricants or wood- and metal chips will have negative impact on the performance and the life span. This serves the current market requests for even higher resistances. Further the inexpensive linear motor systems persuade with an unique price-performance ratio.

Tamara Zimmermann, Marketing Manager at KML, was in cooperation with the sales department responsible for the market survey of the development project. “Our various sales channels provided us more and more the feedback that requests of customers from different industries for linear motor systems for applications with special environmental influences increased massively. In the course of a market survey wood dust and –chips, metal chips and oil mist were investigated as the most common contaminations.

In an intensive cooperation between the technical and the sales department we designed different linear motor axis with bellows, in order to be able to support our customers optimally with these challenges. Together with the marketing department various measures were prepared, which enables KML to immediately meet the market demands. Representative tests were already completed successfully. The official product presentation will take place at Smart Automation trade fair in Linz”, according to Zimmermann.

But the systems are not only suitable for the use in difficult environmental conditions. In the reverse conclusion they are also predestined for the use in very sensitive processes, as the encapsulation prevents contaminations from the system itself to the process environment. Hence the possible fields of application are more and more extending for a wide range of different customers.

Various axis systems in a variety of variants with complete encapsulation

Outline of technical details at a glance:

E²-series incl. encapsulationV-series incl. encapsulation
Continuous feed force [N]150-30080-600
Peak feed force [N]450-900250-1800
Stroke [mm]50-150050-400
Speed max. [m/s]66

The in the market well known extensive option package is also available for axis with encapsulation, even including absolute length measuring system. Orders can be placed with the well-known type designation code system, by which all chosen options are seen in one view.

KML Linear Motion Technology GmbH are experts for linear movement systems – specialized on linear motors – and can look back over 20 years of experience with complex standard and customized solutions. KML operates especially in the sectors of automation technology, mechanical and plant engineering. Possible fields of application are for example the electronics and semiconductor industry, medical technology, metalworking industry as well as the printing and paper industry. 

Linearmotorsystem Serie LMS E² mit kompletter Kapselung
Ill. 1: Linear motor system series LMS E² with complete encapsulation

Ill. 2: Tamara Zimmermann, Marketing Manager at KML


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