Customized solutions

Double Linear Motor System on Granite Base


  • Rigidity
  • Maintenance-free
  • Positioning accuracy
  • Avoidance of yawing, racking and pitching

Double Linear Motor System on Granite Base

Linear motor system with two parallel axes for a worldwide acting packaging manufacturer with:

  • high rigidity of the complete system
  • maintenance-free system
  • highest positioning accuracy of the sledges to each other
  • therefore it is necessary to avoid yawing, racking and pitching under all circumstances
  • highest guidance accuracy
  • high parallelism of the two axis
  • plug and play solution
  • acceptance and service of the axis at the customers facilities

KML was able to reach the customers performance specifications with the following constructive details and technical measures:

  • 2-parts granite block as a baseplate for the system
  • precision linear ways with a special lubricant concept
  • elaborated material selection
  • mass and rigidity optimized sledge-construction
  • structure by FEM constructed and optimized
  • wide range of accessory like energy chain and special cables
  • acceptance of guidance accuracy with laser interferometers KML running tests with user-specific duty cycles


Key data:

Peak force: 560 N
Acceleration: 16 m/s²
Positioning accuracy: 10 µm/1000 mm
Moved mass: 11.5 kg