Customized solutions

High precision cross table


  • Highest guidance accuracy
  • Highest positioning accuracy
  • High dynamic
  • Excellent synchronism characteristics

High precision cross table

Linear motor system as feed axis in a glass carving application of an Austrian length-measuring-system manufacturer with these necessary key features:

  • highest guidance accuracy
  • highest system positioning accuracy
  • high dynamic
  • excellent synchronism characteristics
  • clean room suitable version
  • Plug and Play solution
  • Acceptance of the axis at manufacturers facilities together with the customer

Following constructively and project-related measures supported the realization of the specifications:

  • granite baseplate as basement for the application
  • application-optimized length-measuring-system with high accuracy
  • further adjustment possibilities for optimum system setting
  • sophisticated geometrical construction independent of stroke
  • elaborated material selection
  • use of high-performance linear motors
  • use of accessory like energy chain and special cables
  • acceptance of guidance accuracy with laser interferometers
  • First-acceptance of the system by customer at the KML site

Key data:

Axis: x y
Peak force : 560 N 560 N
Acceleration: 15 m/s² 37 m/s²
Velocity: 1 m/s 1 m/s
Moved Mass: 36 kg 15 kg