Customized solutions

Linear Motor System for optical test facility


  • Very rigid and compact construction
  • Enhancement of handling throughput-rate
  • High dynamic
  • Maintenance-free sub-assembly

Linear Motor System for optical test facility


Linear motor system for usage in CD-/DVD-handling of a technology provider in the entertainment and information technology sector with these customer’s expectations:

  • very rigid and compact construction, due to a narrow clearance space
  • appreciably enhancement of handling throughput-rate
  • high dynamic
  • maintenance-free sub-assembly
  • clean room suitable version (ISO5)
  • Plug and Play solution

Following constructively measures and elements supported the realization of the requirements:

  • integral construction with a monocoque basic frame
  • development of a compact dual-slide-concept
  • clearance space-optimized limit stopp system
  • mass-optimized slide construction
  • use of air-cooled linear motors with high power density
  • Precision guide system with a special lubricant concept
  • use of clean room suitable materials resp. coatings
  • use of accessory like energy chains and extension cables
  • adaption to customer specific electronics


Key data:

Peak force: 1.106 kN
Acceleration: 130 m/s²
Velocity: 5 m/s
Moved Mass: 8.5 kg