Customized solutions

XYZ-Linear Motor System for Die-Bonding


  • Compact dimensions
  • High dynamics
  • Short cycle times
  • Resistance to high temperature

XYZ-Linear Motor System for Die-Bonding

Customized linear motor system for maximum complex Pick and Place tasks with movements in three axes with these requirements:

  • compact dimensions
  • high dynamics to achieve short cycle times
  • high system and repeatability within nanometer range
  • resistant to high temperature of the system over a certain time interval
  • the sag of the Z-axis execution must be prevented in case of a voltage failure
  • clean room suitable version
  • execution of the function and quality assurance by the supplier

To meet the requirements of the product concept catalogue the construction was arranged as follows:

  • special geometrical dimensions
  • structure by FEM (finite elements method) construed and optimized
  • use of particularly coated composite materials
  • use of clean room suitable materials and/or coatings
  • temperature-compensated length measuring systems
  • high performance linear motors with small heat dissipation
  • magnetic mass balance in the Z-axis
  • ultra precision linear ways with clean room grease filling
  • work piece holding by compressed air and evacuated system