Linear Motion Components

Cam Roller Ways

  • 3 sizes
  • High cost-efficiency
  • Robust
  • Rail lengths > 5000 mm possible

Cam roller ways

The cam follower guidings consist of profiled rails with surface-layer hardened and grinded steel linear ways and casings with four profiled cam followers. The rail is manufactured from a high strength aluminium alloy, with integrated (rolled) hardened steel shafts. The profiled cam rolls consist of double-row angular contact bearing with strengthen outer ring und profiled surface.
The system can be set backlash free resp. preloaded by an eccentric shaft.

Guidance slide height 25, 36 and 54 mm, width 65, 86 and 130 mm

Standardized lengths of the undivided rails up to > 5000 mm, larger divided lengths optionally available


  • Roller and ball bearing steel and/or carbon or chrome-plated steel alloys for the profiled rollers and linear ways
  • High-strength aluminum alloy for guidance slide and guide rail


  • highest speeds and accelerations by small masses and optimized rolling friction
  • very high positioning accuracy and smooth run
  • very high load - and torque values transmittable
  • high operating security by durable assembly and insensitivity to dirt
  • various application types by arbitrary installation position and almost unlimited travels
  • simple assembly
  • wear-free running
  • corrosion resistant version available