Linear Motion Components

Compact Units

  • Modular axis system family
  • Ballscrew drive
  • Load capacity up to 94 kN
  • Repeatability up to 0.01 mm
  • Customized solution on request

Compact Units

LineTech compact units are modularly designed, ready-to-install axes with spindle drive and parallel guiding. Sealed guide elements in all sizes are employed. Rolled ball screws are primarily used as drive units. Also ground ball screws can be put to use standardized. The guides and the drive element are protected by a plastic strapping made of special fabric against the intrusion of dirt, filings, etc.

The basic and cover profile are made of aluminium alloy and manufactured by extrusion process.

From size KE3 upwards the integral limit switches on the basic profile and up to size KE3 exterior mounted limit switches, together with motors and a control unit, ensure correct positioning of the carriage and prevent overrunning.

The selected design provides a high level of performance with the most compact dimensions.

Max. load:
119.9 kN

Dimension (W x H):
110 x 50 (KE 2.X)
145 x 65 (KE 3.X)

up to 50 m/s²

up to 1.6 m/s

max. 1850 mm


  • Compact dimensions
  • Available in any desired length
  • Optimum running performance together with high load ratings and high rigidity due to two integral, free of play ball rail guide systems
  • Simple motor mounting by centering and thread on driving head
  • Greasing by central grease points
  • Available in maintenance-free design
  • Precise alignment and fastening of mounted parts by thread and pin holes in table section