Linear motion components



  • high loads and moments
  • high speed and acceleration
  • long lifetime


The cost-efficient high-performance eco linear units have a tooth belt drive and an integrated linear way for all linear movements. An extruded and anodized aluminium profile with a directly mounted ball rail system allows high loads and moments. Medium to high speed and acceleration with low displacement resistance and at the same time high long lifetime are just a view characteristics of this series.

The PU tooth belt with steel tension cords is optimally suitable for applications where high accuracy, high drive torques with alternating loads, low wear and low noise emission are required.

These linear units can also be easily combined to multi axes systems. An impressive price-performance ratio as well as short delivery times can be guaranteed.

Technical data:

2 different sizes
Max. speed[m/s]3.00
Max. load capacity


  • Cost-effective
  • Simple mounting
  • Robust
  • Standardized connection elements