Linear Motion Components

High Performance Linear Rail Guiding Systems

  • Rail width from 1 to 100 mm
  • High repeatability
  • Clean room version available
  • Lifetime lubrication optionally

High Performance Linear Rail Guiding Systems


Linearways are precisely linear motion rolling guides consisting of a casing and a track rail. Inside of the casing are the rolling elements (balls or rollers), the liners and retainers of the rolling elements, the cages and the seals arranged. Stainless, coated or made from conventional carbon steel series from 1-125 mm are available. Two parallel raceways are graved into the linearway. The optimal power transmission between linear way and casing is enabled by crosswise arranged balls or roles.

Rail width from 1 mm up to 100 mm

Rail length:
Standardized lengths of the rails up to 3900 mm. Larger lengths by butt-jointing the rail ends possible.

Carbon or chrome-plated steel alloys corrosion resistant for the slide unit, balls, rollers and rails. Surface coating for reduction of wear and tear and protection against aggressive ambient conditions optionally available.

Rubber seals on both ends of the slide unit are standard.
All-round sealing of the slide units, additional seals and extension bellows for the rails optionally available.


  • High positioning accuracy
  • Smooth run due to low friction losses even under very high loads
  • Decrease of the machine size and the energy consumption by using of smaller components
  • High repeatability
  • High operating reliability by durable construction and insensitivity to dirt
  • Various application types by arbitrary installation position and almost unlimited amount of travels
  • Simple assembly
  • Wearless operating
  • Integrated wipers and relubrication systems optionally available
  • Corrosion resistant version for usage in the clean room available
  • Version with special seals optionally available


Patents! Linear way lubricated FOR LIFE

As the first company IKO developed a long-term lubrication system built in the slide unit for linear ways.

The C-Lube technology consists of a capillary tube from sintered synthetic resin powder, which can store large lubricant quantities. Due to the capillary effect, by moving the linear slide on the rail, the circulating balls get relubricated with fresh lubricant in the return channel. At the reentry into the load zone the oil-moistened rolling elements and also the raceways are supplied permanently with lubricant.

IKO guarantees a maintenance-free operation of 20000 km or 5 years! Due to various long term test with extreme loads it could be stated that all linear ways went up to the multiple lifetime of 84000 km without problems and relubrication.

max. 4 m/s

max. 260 m/s²

  • Lowest noise levels due to optimized ball entry into the ball return.
  • No more lubrication control necessary
  • Sensational lightly and compact structure
  • Quiet and smooth run
  • Clean environment
  • No contamination of the machines due to lubricant
  • Ideal for clean room applications and food industries
  • Stainless Steel - execution

ML Miniatur Linearways ME Compact Linearways MH Loadable Linearways MV Maintenance free Linearways MLV Costefficient Linearways
Available sizes:
6 types / 37 versions
Available sizes:
15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 45
3 types / 12 versions
Available sizes:
15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65
4 types / 8 versions
Available sizes:
20 / 25 / 30
Available sizes:
7 / 9 / 12


IKO™ Micro Linear Ways LWL

The ultimate IKO™- micro technology for miniature applications

Micro high-end technology enables IKO to present the smallest type of micro linear ways ever. It concerns the type LWL1 with a rail width of 1 mm. IKO LWL micro linear ways apply among others in the range of optical fibre communication devices, in medical equipments, in the semiconductor manufacturing and also in liquid crystal display.

Guiding accuracy and miniature design
All IKO linear ways have standardised design. This design enables to use the largest feasible rolling elements. The simple two-row and four-point contact design minimizes the number of potential errors in manufacturing. High level of accuracy control is possible. This configuration allows highest feasible quality of motion and efficiency.

Highest repeatability on minimum of space
IKO was able to realise the accustomed precision of larger designs also in the LWL1. All LWL types feature small building height and are available with rail width from one to six mm.
Micro linear ways made of stainless steel are corrosion-resistant and capable for applications where lubricating grease or oil must not or only little be used.

All IKO linear ways are available with variety of drillings for several kinds of fixings depending on the type. Due to this fact IKO linear ways adapt to your technical solution.
LWL-slides dispose of two tapped holes and are in spite of their teeny design suitable for any kinds of applications. These IKO linear ways can be assimilated in your construction without any problems.
On customers requirement IKO can provide screws for thread diameters M1 to M2. Those screws are available as hexagon socket screws and cross-head screws.