Linear Motion Components


  • Accelerations up to 100 m/s² and more
  • Almost unlimited travel length
  • Large variance of sizes
  • Very high synchronization
  • High power density


The principle of the linear motor was developed from the structure of the revolving electrical servomotors. Simplified: alongside the rotary axis sliced and unfolded. The new design contains an ironless or ironcore winding slide (primary part) and the secondary parts in which the magnets are arranged. The simple and economical structure ensures a high readiness of application. The motors are very durable and possess an industrial fitness as they are demanded for continuous use under most adverse conditions. KML provides a broad range of components.

Axial force:
up to 15.6 kN

Dimension (W x H):

50 x 54.36 mm up to 285 x 60.35 mm


Primary parts from 200 up to 900 mm

IP 56


  • high accelerations up to 100 m/s² and partly beyond
  • high velocities
  • almost unlimited travels possible
  • high positioning accuracy and repeatability possible
  • excellent efficiency by omission of the mechanical drive components (reduction of waviness)
  • optimised peakforce/mass-ratio (power density)
  • excellent protection of all motor parts by complete enclosure
  • proper controllability by low electrical time constants
  • simple and economical structure
  • integrated thermal overload protection
  • simple handling and assembly by modular construction of the secondary parts
  • no maintenance necessary