Linear Motion Components

Low Cost Linear Rail Guiding Systems

  • High cost-efficiency
  • Rubber seals on both sides
  • Rail width from 3 to 55 mm
  • Simple assembly
  • Rail lengths up to 4000 mm

Low Cost Linear Rail Guiding Systems

Low cost linear rail guiding systems are a cost-effective alternative to the high performance linear rail guiding systems. Application areas, where these guiding systems are already successfully installed, are e.g. semiconductor equipment, engineering, robotics, fixture construction, tools, consumer electronics computer periphery devices.

Within this series the focus was exclusively placed on the ball retain technology. This allows the process-reliable production of cost-effective and high-quality linear guides.

Rail width from 3 to 55 mm

Rail length:
Standardized lengths of the rails up to 4000 mm


  • Carbon or chrome-plated steel alloys corrosion resistant for the slide unit, balls, rollers and rails.
  • Surface coating for reduction of wear and tear and protection against aggressive ambient conditions optionally available


  • Rubber seals on both ends of the slide unit are according to standard
  • All-round sealing of the slide units, additional seals and extension bellows for the rails optionally available


  • Lower costs
  • Decrease of the machine size and the energy consumption by using of smaller components
  • High operating  reliability by durable construction and insensitivity to dirt
  • Various application types by arbitrary installation position and almost unlimited amout of travels
  • Simple assembly
  • Wearless operating
  • Integrated wipers and relubrication systems optionally available
  • Corrosion resistant version for usage in the clean room available


linear rail guiding

MR miniatur/ST miniatur-short stroke
linear rail guiding

  • Long lubrication intervals
  • High stiffness
  • Excellent dynamics
    • vmax >10 m/s
    • amax >500 m/s²
  • High load moments possible
  • High load
  • High moment applications
  • High accuracy
  • Smooth running
  • Safe and simple installation