Linear Motion Components

Positioning systems

  • All surfaces machined
  • 4 sizes
  • Cover selectable
  • Repeatability up to 0.005 mm
  • Flexible motor construction

Positioning Systems

LineTech positioning systems, built after a modular construction system, are excellent suited for applications with higher precision and performance requirements due to their constructional characteristics. Four sizes as well as the application-oriented selection of mechanical drives permit optimal problem solutions.

These are preferably driven by rolled or grinded ballscrews, roller screws or toothed belt. In addition, pneumatic cylinders and cog rails can be selected at a certain quantity. Base plate, slide bodies and end plates consist of an high strength aluminium alloy and are manufactured in an extrusion moulding process.

Load rating:
up to 184 kN

Dimensions (W x H):
110 x 50 mm (PE1)
155 x 60 mm (PE2)
225 x 90 mm (PE3)
310 x 105 mm (PE4)

Stroke length:

As standard up to 3.0 meter. Larger stroke lengths on request.

up to 10 m/s²


up to 1.6 m/s


  • compact design
  • large selection of different linear drives
    (ballscrews, rollerscrews, toothed belt, pneumat. cylinder etc)
  • high positioning and repeatability accuracy
  • integrated limit switches and reference point switches (optional)
  • optional extension bellows
  • with gearshift and intermediate flange, installed speed reduction gear resp. transmission gears and drive motors as option available
  • grooved keys for the attachment of extensions and accessories parts at the slide unit and base plate (PE2 & PE3)