Linear Motion Components


  • 15 times higher load capacity then ballscrews
  • Rolled or grinded manufacturing process
  • Variable end machining
  • High smoothness
  • Spindle diameter up to 150 mm


Rollerscrews are mechanical components for the conversion of rotating motion to longitudinal movements and vice versa.
As rolling elements threaded rolls between the threaded shaft and the nut are arranged instead of balls (as in conventional ballscrews).
By the high number of contacts between rolls and races, rollerscrews are up to 15 times higher loadable than conventional ballscrews. The delivery program contains rollerscrews without roller feedback (series RV and BRV) and with roller feedback (series RVR) in several precision classes.


Shaftdiam. from 3.5 up to 150 mm, lead from 0.25 up to 42 mm


Cylindrical nut, center- or endflangenut, single- or doublenutsystems, with minimized backlash or preloaded. Special nutdesigns are optionally available.


Induction hardened carbon steel and/or chrome-plated steel alloys

Surface hardness:

55 - 65 HRC


  • High efficiency
  • High axial load capacity
  • No stick slip effect
  • Small space requirement
  • Smooth and even operational sequence
  • Small wear
  • Long service life
  • High positioning and repetition accuracy
  • Suitable for high speeds