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Linear motion systems

Dynamic, precise, plug & play, providing low maintenance and process safety

Our standard linear motor systems based on a modular concept have been designed to enable accurate and highly dynamic positioning of a wide range of loads.

Each series features a multitude of different characteristics, offering particular advantages for the requirements of the various applications. All the models distinguish themselves by their high performance, positioning accuracy and compact design. They are available in different sizes and performance classes with appropriate accessories, thus perfectly matching your specific needs.

Your contact partner will be glad to define the wide range of options for each series with you. All linear motor systems are highly flexible designed when it comes to access to your drive electronics.

Stroke [mm]24002400400016003000400  400x175
Max. Customerload [kg]80.050.0200.
Repeatability [µm]±1.0±1.0±0.8±10.0±0.8±1.0±3.0
Max. Velocity [m/s]6.0 (8.0)6.0 (8.0)4.0 (9.0)4.0 (9.0)
Max. Acceleration [m/s²]60.080.0100.0100.0150.0100.060.0
Energy Efficiency

Values are determined empirically and will vary depending on the application.
Values are maximum values.

Linear motor systems

The LMS 2 series of KML standard linear motor systems was developed to position accurately small to medium loads with high dynamics. The series is characterized by a high power spectrum based on compact design and the use of high performance iron-core linear motors.


Linear motor systems
Series LMS 2.IL

The LMS 2 was extended by an additional motor technology. The LMS 2.IL series offers a sudden increase in speed stability. With its ironless motor winding technology the LMS 2.IL brings an order of magnitude better synchronization.


Linear Motor Systems
Series LMS E

The linear motor system of the LMS E series was developed specifically for applications requiring high dynamics, maintenance-free operation, robust mechatronics and high customer loads. Also strokes beyond 2 m are realizable. Available as Economy and High Precision designs, the LMS E series guarantees maximum quality of movement for medium loads up to approx. 30 kg and 100 kg respectively, at the price of conventional axis solutions.


Linear motor systems
Series LMS E²

The LMS E² series was conceived specifically as alternative for conventional drive systems such as tooth belts or ball screw driven axes. The LMS E² series is designed for highly dynamic movements of small to medium loads. The compact and simple design not only makes these linear motor systems very economical, they are also well suited for extremely tough conditions.


Linear Motor systems
Series LMS U

The compact design of the LMS U series allows, due to the space-saving principle of mono linear way, its use in applications where space is a critical requirement. Small to medium loads are positioned with highest dynamics. The primary part of the used linear motor is without an iron core, which ensures a high degree of efficiency and provides smooth and cogging-free operation. Applications with more sliders on one track are standardized possible, as they are within all linear motor system families.


Linear motor systems
Series LMS V

The LMS V series was specifically developed for vertical applications (z-axes) and for moving small to medium loads. The compact and rigid design also maintains a permanent high degree of positioning accuracy at accelerated dynamics. The desired position can be maintained reliably by the optional use of a weight compensation and an internal holding brake system.


Linear motor systems
Series LMS M

The standardized 2-axis LMS M has two crossed axes, which are directly connected to each other to minimize the weight. The very compact, integral and rigid construction can be used for both standing applications (Z/Y axes) as well as horizontal applications (X/Y axes). Up to 5 resp. 10 kg customer loads can be positioned with highest dynamics and precision.


Torque motors,
Series RDD

The developed torque motors are equipped with a fixed or moving hollow shaft and offer an extremely high performance spectrum. Constant precise movements and positions can be achieved at high continuous and peak torque in combination with high rotary speeds.


Multiple axes solutions

All standard linear motor systems and torque motors can also be combined to form multiple axes solutions.