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Linear motor systems

Linear Motor Systems Series LMS E

  • Robust design for rough environmental conditions
  • High cost-efficiency
  • Absolute length-measuring-system on request
  • Stroke range from 50mm-1500mm
  • Repeatability up to 0.01mm

Linear Motor Systems Series LMS E

The linear motor system of the LMS E series was developed specifically for applications requiring high dynamics, maintenance-free operation, robust mechatronics and high customer loads. Also strokes beyond 2 m are realizable. Available as Economy and High Precision designs, the LMS E series guarantees maximum quality of movement for medium loads up to approx. 30 kg and 100 kg respectively, at the price of conventional axis solutions.

The base axis and the optimized cross-beam axis ensure high rigidity. The cross-beam axis can be used both fully supported or self-supporting. The standardized leveling elements enable simple and secure alignment of the linear motor systems on unmachined machine frames. Thus cost-intensive edits can be avoided.

Both designs can be combined ex works as single axis or as multiple axes systems in conjunction with the standardized connecting elements and devices.

Based on their robust but also precise feedback and length measuring systems the LMS E series can be employed in virtually all sectors of industry. The systems of the LMS E series meet the requirements of the latest machine directives and regulations.

Fields of application:

  • Automation systems
  • Area gantry robots
  • Feeding systems
  • Dispensing
  • Laser applications
  • Pick & Places systems
  • Soldering machines
  • Inspection portals

Industry sectors:

  • Glass & plastics industry
  • Metal-processing industry
  • Solar- & photovoltaic industry
  • Semiconductor & electronics industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Food industry
  • Printing industry
  • Pharmaceutical & medical industry


Combination Options

A special feature of the LMS E series is the versatile combination of the individual linear motor axes types. Both the surface mountable, horizontal axes and the rigidity-optimized cross-beam axis can be used as supported or self-supporting single axes.

This allows the realization of numerous single and multiple axes solutions, such as cross tables or portal configurations.


 Further information can be found under "multiple axes solutions".