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Linear motor systems

Linear motor systems Series LMS M


  • Cycle time of 0.35 s (@ 300 x 100 mm)
  • Version LMS M Advanced maintenance-optimized (100 mio. cycles!)
  • Flexible interface connection
  • Connector interface
  • Flexible controller options

Linear motor systems series lms m

Production quantity: IMPROVE
Process quality: IMPROVE
Machine uptime: IMPROVE
Energy efficiency: IMPROVE

These are some arguments for replacing existing pneumatic and electrical handling units by the high-performance and freely programmable LMS M series by KML.

The standardized 2-axis LMS M has two crossed axes, which are directly connected to each other to minimize the weight. The very compact, integral and rigid construction can be used for both standing applications (Z/Y axes) as well as horizontal applications (X/Y axes). Up to 5 resp. 10 kg customer loads can be positioned with highest dynamics and precision. According to the application the weight compensation option and a holding brake can be added. The extensive range of options enables a large number of applications.

Advantages of the LMS M Linear Motor Systems compared to conventional handling systems

  • Matched components as well as optionally available control electronics and basic paramters for plug & play reduce commissioning time
  • Lifetime lubrication:
    • No relubrication units
    • Reduced implementation time
    • No maintenance time
  • Pneumatic weight compensation for optimum operating characteristics compared to steel spring systems
  • Encapsulated  components offer IP65 protection
  • Version with corrosion-resistant components and lubricants for cleanroom applications
  • No reference run is necessary thanks to the integrated absolute linear encoder system
  • Compact, integral design with inherent stability
  • Reduced energy consumption compared to pneumatic axis systems (particularly when calculated over lifetime)
  • Various electronic control components enable maximum flexibility to any user
  • Left-hand and right-hand version available


  • Cycle time of 0.35 s (@ 300 x 100 mm)
  • Absolute linear encoder system (optional)
  • Pneumatic weight compensation (optional)
  • Brake system (optional)
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Cleanroom version (optional)
  • Protection up to IP65 (optional)
  • Flexible interface connection
  • Tool connector (optional)
  • Connector interface
  • Flexible controller options
  • Attractive price/performance ratio

Fields of application:

  • High speed pick & place
  • High speed assembly
  • Dispensing
  • Test units (permanent test benches)
  • Cycle type systems
  • Handling
  • Feeding systems
  • Compound table applications

LMS M Advanced

Mit der innovativen Weiterentwicklung der Linearmotorsystem-Serie LMS M – dem LMS M Advanced – wurde die Wartungsfreiheit um ein 20-faches gesteigert. Auch Verschleißteile wie Führungen, Kabel usw. sind hierbei inkludiert. Mit der verbesserten Modellreihe LMS M Advanced können bis zu 100 Millionen Zyklen wartungsfrei zugesichert werden. Zusätzlich bringen vergrößerte Hublängen – horizontal 400 mm und vertikal 175 mm – weitere Einsatzmöglichkeiten.

Vorteile auf einen Blick:

  • Produktivitätssteigerung bei geringeren Kosten
  • Optionale Zentralschmierung
  • Optimierte Wartungsfreiheit (bis zu 100 Mio. Zyklen)
  • Vergrößerte Hublängen (175x400mm)
  • Standardisiert offene Regler-Schnittstelle