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Linear motor systems

Multiple Axes Solutions

All standard linear motor systems and torque motors can also be combined to form multiple axis solutions. This includes XY-cross tables, portal systems, area gantries in various constructions and cantilever axes.

To implement these combinations KML provides a comprehensive and optimized spectrum of connecting elements and devices. Depending on the series these adapter parts include solid joints, components to compensate temperature fluctuations etc. The selection of appropriate adapter parts is carried out by your KML project partner as part of the system definition and realization.

Depending on customers’ requirements the axes combinations may also include standardized energy chains, cables and controls as plug-in accessories. In the course of project detailing these attachments will be compiled modularly according to your individual needs. To round out the complementary components qualified, standardized and tested servo drives and motion controllers can be used, whereby the implementation of autonomous multi-axis solutions for virtually unlimited application fields is possible.

As usual with our entire standard linear motor systems, we also offer the benefit of factory start-ups and function tests in combination with multiple axis solutions.

When linear motor systems are combined measurements using laser interferometer are recommended, especially when high accuracies are required. For example the measurement can be carried out as factory acceptance with appropriate logging. As further option we can provide the measurement data for a possible compensation.



Here you find a brief excerpt from multi-axis systems we already implemented: