KML Precision Machining GmbH

KML Precision Machining GmbH is a fully independent subsidiary of KML Linear Motion Technology GmbH and specialises in precision machining.

Extremely broad and in-depth expertise, perfectly calibrated and state-of-the-art machinery, validated processes, and a specialised workforce form the foundations for our consistently high manufacturing quality.
This makes us the right partner for the machining of series parts and components to be individually manufactured in the highest quality and with optimised throughput times. By applying modern CAM programming, we are sustainably able to implement even complex geometries and free-form surfaces for you.
We also use turning-milling centres, horizontal machining centres and various CNC turning and milling machines with a wide range of machining spaces.
In addition to processing aluminium, steel, various plastics (PVDF, PTFE, etc.) and titanium, we also machine various stainless steels and cast materials in 2-3 shifts/day. Production includes individual parts as well as assemblies and high-precision, complex manufacturing parts. As a rule, the components are produced in medium to large series.


Ø 5 – 670 mm
Max. length 1500 mm
Rods up to Ø 80 mm


2000 x 800 x 720 mm


Cylindrical grinding:
350 x 1000 mm
Surface grinding:
500 x 1000 x 350 mm


900 x 1800 x 650 mm

Our machinery

2x interlinked MAZAK HCN 5000
Horizontal 4-axis milling machine

X= 730 mm / Y= 730 mm / Z= 730 mm
12 pallets 500 x 500 mm
Workpieces up to Ø 800 x 1000 mm, 700 kg
Spindles: 18.000 rpm è 35 kW / 168 Nm
B-axis NC
70 bar IKZ
160 tools respectively

Vertical 4/5-axis milling machine

X= 2000 mm / Y= 800 mm / Z= 720 mm
Workpieces up to 1700 kg
Spindles: 18.000 rpm è 35 kW / 168 Nm
70 bar IKZ
5th axis as A-axis/C-axis
48 tools

Vertical 5-axis milling machine

X= 840 mm / Y= 700 mm / Z= 500 mm
Workpieces up to 500 kg
Spindles: 18.000 rpm è 15 kW / 130 Nm
80 bar IKZ
82 tools

MAZAK Integrex i-300 U1500
5-axis turning and milling machine

Turning: up to Ø  658 mm / L=1500 mm
Workpieces up to 1000 kg
Spindles: 4000 rpm
30 kW / 724 Nm
Milling spindle 12.000 rpm
22 kW / 120 Nm
70 bar IKZ
110 tools

CMZ TD Y Z1350
Turning machine with driven tools

Turning: up to Ø 550 mm / L=1350 mm
Workpieces up to 1000 kg
Spindles: 3000 rpm
48 kW / 1.500 Nm
Revolver: 12.000 rpm
13 kW / 105 Nm
15 bar IKZ
12 tools

Cylindrical grinding machine

Centre distance 650 mm
Centre height 175 mm
Components up to 80 kg
2 outer discs / 7.5 kW
1 inner disc / 7.5 kW
B-axis NC
Tailstock, steady rest

Okamoto ACC-105DX
Surface grinding machine

Grinding area 1000 x 550 mm
Components up to 600 kg

Reference parts