Electrical drive components
AC servo motors
  • Compact design
  • Robust design for harsh environments
  • 24 winding variants
  • IP65 protection class
  • Single cable solutions available
  • Wide range of feedback systems
General info
Technical data

The construction principle of a servo motor corresponds to that of a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The three-phase stator winding, designed for sinusoidal commutation, enables good efficiency over the entire speed range with optimum concentricity at the same time.

High-energy magnets are applied to the rotor. Due to the inclination of the stator, the torque ripple is very low. All motors therefore offer the optimum balance between synchronisation and achievable speed.


  • 6 flange sizes available
  • Low moment of inertia
  • High acceleration capacity
  • High continuous power
  • Compact and short designs
  • Precise positioning
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Protection class IP65
Type / size
Standstill torque [Nm] 0.65 – 72.1
Flange sizes [mm] 40 x 40 – 180 x 180
Rated speed [rpm] 3000 – 8000
Operating voltage [VAC] 24 – 480

Attention: The values given are representative for the respective individual models. We shall be happy to support you at any time with detailed information, suitable for your application. Simply get in touch with us directly.