Single-axis solutions
Customised rotary tables
  • Wide range of housing variants
  • Freely selectable hollow shaft diameter
  • Option of integrating water cooling
  • Tailored holding brake
General info
Areas of application

Building on the KML standard rotary table series, a wide variety of customised rotary tables have been developed and produced.

Applications with the highest speed ripple demands have been successfully implemented using KML’s special winding technology across a wide range of industries. In combination with KML’s mechanical expertise – inherently rigid systems, minimal tilting effects, high axial and radial run-out accuracies, and more besides – it has been possible to elevate customer applications to the next machine generation.

In addition to the usual customer requirements such as moving mass, moments of inertia, cycle definitions, etc., it was necessary to take additional properties into account. These included for example:

  • High resistance to media
  • Absolute encoder with Functional Safety (FS)
  • Various hollow shaft diameters
  • High torque density
  • Semiconductors
  • Laser tracking
  • Telescopic adjustments
  • Spin clean applications
  • Rotary indexing systems
  • Swivel units