Electrical drive components
Linear motors
  • Accelerations up to 100 m/s²
  • Almost unlimited travel paths
  • Expansive range of sizes
  • Very high synchronisation
  • Optimised power density
General info
Technical data

The principle of the linear motor was further developed from the design of rotary electric motors. Simplified summary: cut open along the axis of rotation and unfolded. The base consists of a non-ferrous or ferrous winding carrier (primary part) and the respective secondary parts in which the magnets are arranged. The simple and cost-effective design ensures high availability in your system. The motors are very robust and deliver the industrial suitability required for continuous operation under the most adverse conditions. KML offers a wide range of different linear motor sizes.


  • Rapid process speeds
  • High positioning and repetition accuracies realisable
  • Good level of efficiency thanks to omission of mechanical drive components (reduction of ripple in the drive train)
  • Outstanding protection of all motor parts due to complete encapsulation
  • Good control properties thanks to low electrical time constants
  • Simple and inexpensive assembly
  • Integrated thermal overload protection
  • Straightforward handling and assembly due to modular design of the secondary parts
  • No maintenance required
Type / size
Continuous force [N] 60 – 2280
Peak force [N] 630 – 6000
Dimensions (W x H) [mm] 50 x 40 – 130 x 47
Length of primary part [VDC] 110 – 560
Intermediate circuit voltage [VDC] 110 – 560

Attention: All specifications ±10%
These values apply to motor operation at maximum continuous force and at a heat sink temperature of 20°C. In case of deviations from these values, we will be happy to check your application. Simply get in touch with us directly.