Linear motor drive
LMS 2 series
  • High absolute & repeat accuracy
  • High inherent rigidity
  • Precise running performance
General info
Areas of application
Technical data

The LMS 2 series of KML standard linear motor systems has been developed to position small to medium loads with high dynamics. The system series is characterised by motors with very high power density, which is due to a compact design and the use of high-performance, iron-core linear motors.

Thanks to the stiff and low-vibration design, high positioning accuracies can be achieved – even with very high dynamics. The design – with two linear guides arranged in parallel on a base plate machined from solid material – forms the basis for the attainable degrees of accuracy.

The stroke length explained in more detail in the type code can also be manufactured to order, thanks to the flexibility afforded by the modular system. In conjunction with the broad selection of motor variants and extensive range of accessories, it is possible to implement a system that optimally satisfies the applicable requirements. KML linear motor systems from the LMS 2 series can also be combined with systems from other series to form multi-axis solutions using the standardised adapter parts.

  • Precision applications
  • Cross-table applications
  • Robotics
  • Laser processing
  • X-ray
  • AOI applications
  • Automatic placement systems
  • Test systems
  • Printers
  • Handling technology
Type / size
Stroke [mm] 2400
Continuous feed force [N] 234 – 447
Peak feed force [N] 738 – 1409
Max. speed [m/s] 6.00 (8.00)
Max. acceleration [m/s²] 80 (-100)
Max. customer load [kg] 100 (cycle-dependent)
Resolution [µm] 0.05
Positioning precision [µm] ± 1.00
Repeat accuracy [µm] ± 0.80
Planarity [µm] < 3.00
Straightness [µm] < 5.00
Synchronism [%] < 1.00

Attention: Specified values are empirically determined and vary depending on the use and application.
The values are maximum values.