Linear motor drive
LMS M series
  • PnP cycle < 0.4 seconds
  • 100 million cycles maintenance-free
  • Highly rigid
General info
Areas of application
Technical data

The standardised LMS M 2-axis system has two axes arranged crosswise, which are directly connected to each other for mass optimisation. The highly compact, integral and inherently rigid design can be used for both upright applications (Z/Y axes) and horizontal cross-table applications (X/Y axes).
Masses of up to 5 or 10 kg can be positioned with maximum dynamics and the utmost precision. Depending on the application, the system can be supplemented with optional weight balancing and a holding brake. Numerous applications are possible, thanks to the extensive range of options.

With the innovative further development in the form of the LMS M Advanced, freedom from maintenance has been increased by a factor of 20, whereby this also includes wear parts such as guides, cables, etc. With the improved LMS M Advanced model series, up to 100 million cycles can be guaranteed maintenance-free. In addition, increased stroke lengths bring with them further possible applications.

  • High-speed Pick & Place
  • High-speed assembling
  • Dispensing systems
  • Feeding systems
  • Handling technology
  • Clock systems
  • Test units (endurance test benches)
Type / size Y-axis Z-axis
Stroke [mm] 400 175
Continuous feed force [N] 100 – 300 200 – 600
Peak feed force [N] 270 – 900 540 – 1740
Max. speed [m/s] 4.80 4.80
Max. acceleration [m/s²] 60 60
Max. customer load [kg] 10 10
Resolution [µm] 0.001 0.001
Positioning precision [µm] ± 10 ± 10
Repeat accuracy [µm] ± 3.00 ± 3.00

Attention: Specified values are empirically determined and vary depending on the application.
The values are maximum values.