Single-axis solutions
Short stroke
  • Unbeatable motion frequency
  • Service life of up to 10 years
  • Temperature stability
  • Compact design
General info
Areas of application

The different versions of the short-stroke linear motor systems are designed for a wide range of applications, with fields of application ranging from high-frequency punch feeders to PCB drilling machines. Applications such as vibration test machines or high-speed ejectors (a > 145m/s²) can also be covered with our short-stroke linear motor systems.

The one-sided loads on the guide system pose a particular challenge. Armed with our expertise, we also ensure a long service life for these applications.

In addition to the usual customer requirements such as moving mass, the shortest possible travel ranges, cycle definitions, etc., it was necessary to take additional properties into account. These included for example:

  • Extremely compact design
  • No requirement for maintenance
  • Rapid commissioning
  • Absolute position feedback


The short-stroke linear motor systems were specially developed for applications with the highest alternating loads. They also offer the option of using a customised slide and base plate drilling pattern to meet individual requirements. To facilitate initial commissioning, a parameter set is supplied to enable fast and efficient commissioning.

  • Turret test handler
  • Ejector
  • Medical technology
  • SMD placement system
  • Welding applications