Multi-axis solutions
XY cross tables
  • All axes can be moved separately
  • Backlash-free versions selectable
  • Inclusive sealing air system possible
  • Ready to plug in
General info
Areas of application

Parallel machining in two working areas is increasingly in demand in the modern manufacturing industry. Reducing throughput times and increasing productivity are just a few of the ever-growing challenges facing the sector. Dynamic motion tasks can be realised with the KML XY cross tables, directly driven linear axes with a Cartesian design, even in the smallest installation space.

Special attention is paid to the alignment of the axes and the high-performance composition of the overall system. Combined with unbeatable precision and durability, KML XY cross tables also satisfy the future requirements of a wide range of industrial applications.

In addition to the usual customer requirements such as moving mass, travel ranges, cycle definitions, etc., it was necessary to take additional properties into account. These included for example:

  • Defined connector interfaces
  • Implementation of Functional Safety (FS)
  • Harsh environmental conditions
  • Unbeatable motion dynamics
  • Temperature stable construction
  • Integration of specific sensor technology
  • Injection moulding handling
  • HF placement
  • Feeding units
  • AOI
  • Laser processing
  • Wafer inspection