Product overview

Standard axes Rotary tables

Rotary tables

Precision rotary tables in a modular design

Our rotary direct drives have been developed and designed for a wide range of applications, whereby our range includes high-speed (RDD HS), high-load (RDD HL) and special low-profile [RDD LP] rotary tables.

The highly compact design across the entire spectrum ensures a space-saving machine concept. Furthermore, a direct media and cable feed-through is possible with the hollow shaft.

The outstanding power density is based on a combination of an optimised mechanical design and highly innovative winding and motor technology. Motion performance is not restricted by the play-free and very rigid construction.

The direct drive technology used eliminates mechanical power transmission elements such as couplings or gears with backlash, which fundamentally improves the controllability of the entire drive train and guarantees maximum process reliability over the entire service life. With the added benefit of minimal noise emission, our rotary tables set benchmarks.

The wide range of options ensures such advantages as flexible connection to the customer’s electronics. Sealing air, water cooling and special surfaces and components for safety-related applications round off our options package.

However, if you are unable to find a suitable standard product for your application, we will be happy to perform customisation for you.
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