Mechanical drive components
Ball screws
  • DIN nut version
  • Coated and stainless optional
  • Lengths up to 8000 mm
  • Spindle diameter up to 160 mm
General info
Technical data

Ball screws are machine elements for converting rotary movements into linear movements and vice versa. This implementation is ensured by rolling, rotating balls, which are arranged in precision grooves between the threaded spindle and the nut.

Thanks to these features, ball screws are essential for all applications where high speeds, accuracies and reliability over a long operating life are required. Ball screws can be optionally designed with special surface coatings (e.g. ATC, Duralloy, etc.). In the event of special environmental conditions, we can also offer you ball screws in stainless steel versions or with special grease lubrication.

In addition, heavy-duty ball screws can be manufactured, e.g. especially for use in plastic injection moulding machines to drive the injection heads and mould closing devices. Furthermore, we are happy to offer customised nut shapes or spindle designs for your machine concept.

A wide range of options and various processing possibilities therefore complement our comprehensive range of products.


  • Good efficiency
  • Low wear
  • Long operating life
  • High positioning and repetition accuracy
  • Suitable for high speeds
  • Cost-efficient
Type / size
Spindle diameter [mm] 12.00 – 160
Spindle pitch [mm] 4.00 – 100
Dynamic load rating [kN] 1440
Static load rating [kN] 5870
Materials [1] Stainless steel Carbon steel Chrome steel alloys
Nut assemblies [1] Cylindrical nut Centre or end flange nut Single or double nut system Divided nut Special nut
Manufacturing process [1] Thread-whirled Rolled Ground

Attention: The values given are representative for the respective individual series. We shall be happy to support you at any time with detailed information, suitable for your application. Simply get in touch with us directly.