Product overview

Standard axes Linear motor drive

Linear motor drive

Dynamic, precise, low-maintenance, reliable, Plug & Play

Linear motor systems ranging from iron-core handling axes to ironless systems and combined multi-axis systems.

Our standard linear motor systems have been developed according to the modular principle, in order to precisely position a wide range of loads with the highest dynamics. Each series is characterised by a variety of different features that offer specific advantages for the respective requirements, depending on the area of application. All models exhibit high power density and positioning accuracy and are available in different sizes with corresponding accessories. This means that they are perfectly tailored to your respective application purposes, also when used in a clean room. We will be happy to define the wide range of options for each series together with you. All linear motor systems are designed for high flexibility, for connection to your drive electronics!

If you are unable to find a suitable standard product for your application, we will also be happy to perform customisation for you. Get in touch with us for further options.